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Recruiter Testimonials

"Recruiting at UT is always a pleasure! I especially enjoy being able to conduct on-campus interviews the day after a career fair. The students always come to the on-campus interviews very prepared, professional, and energetic. It really makes the whole experience at UT worthwhile and very rewarding!"
- Total Quality Logistics

UT's Department of Marketing and Logistics sets itself apart from other university programs by:

  1. Staying connected with the industry by leveraging forums that bring in a wide variety of companies with real-world issues
  2. Attracting some of the best and brightest students on the UT campus
  3. Investing in new teaching technologies within the new Haslam College of Business building complex

"UT's marketing and logistics students come into the industry well prepared from both an academic and work experience (internships) stand point. They know what the industry is like and continually make easy transitions to the working world. UT students are well balanced in teamwork and individual contributor roles. They uphold a great work ethic and an understanding of the need for leadership skills in the workplace."
- Kimberly Clark

"I have been impressed with the well-roundedness of the UT Marketing graduates to whom we have offered positions. They quickly grasp how each aspect of our business works together and, more importantly, how they can directly impact the growth and direction of their market. When you promote based on performance and only from within your company success begins (and ends) with the hiring decisions you make. Our consistent success has directly been related to the quality of interns and management trainees who we have met and recruited through our relationship with UT."
- Enterprise Rent-A-Car

"UT's focus is on developing well-rounded individuals who are capable of understanding the bigger picture of a business, specifically how marketing and logistics work together to exceed the expectations of our customers every day. Graduates of UT's marketing and logistics program can speak consistently to a broader level of business, understanding where all the pieces are and how they are going to fit together to continue Whirlpool's success in the marketplace."
- Whirlpool Corporation

Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management ~ 310 Stokely Management Center ~ Knoxville, TN ~ 37996-0530
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