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SCM Scholars of Distinction

Be part of a select group of SCM students who will have the opportunity to connect and network with SCM executives from leading global companies! Interested? Read on for more information!

1. What is the SCM Scholars of Distinction Program (SCM SoD)?
SoD is an initiative of the MSCM Department to identify top-performing rising students across all academic years and graduating seniors who have declared the Supply Chain Management (SCM) major.


SOD 2017

2. What key criteria must I meet to be considered for the SCM SoD Program?
Successful candidates (identified through a screening of the Undergraduate Business Programs Office) will have distinguished themselves by their:  strong academic record; campus leadership; community service and work experience. 

3. What is required with my application?
Students must submit their updated one page resume and a brief 150-word essay.

4. What are the GPA and other requirements for the SCM SoD Program?
The following criteria and other requirements must be met by students in the following categories:

Basic Academic Criteria

Freshmen (Rising Sophomores) 

  • Declared Supply Chain Management (SCM) Major
  • GPA of 3.70 or greater
  • Attend Career & Professional Development sessions (60-75 minutes each)

Sophomores (Rising Juniors)

  • Declared SCM Major
  • B or better in Calculus
  • GPA 3.5+ 
  • Attend Career & Professional Development sessions (60-75 minutes each) 

Juniors (Rising Seniors)

  • Declared SCM Major
  • Overall GPA 3.0 or better
  • B or better in Stats 201 and BA 242
  • B+ or better in BUAD 331
  • Attend Career & Professional Development sessions (60-75 minutes each)

Seniors (Dec and May Grads)

  • Declared SCM Major
  • Overall GPA 3.0 or better
  • B+ or better in SCM 311 and SCM 312
  • Internship or Co-op required
  • Attend Career & Professional Development sessions (60-75 minutes each)

Program Benefits

  • Build a Strong Network with the SCM Faculty – Get to know your professors and make professional connections! Introduce yourself to the SCM faculty during office hours – Get some sage professional advice! 
  • Focus and Learn individually and in groups about the SCM Profession and Companies that recruit at UTK
  • Peer Mentor Program for Underclassmen.
  • Career & Professional Development Modules – provide interaction1:1 and in groups to help you enhance and develop self-assurance for important career-related events.
  • Attend niche events hosted by top SCM recruiters and Corporate Partners.
    • Be Prepared - This can happen at any time!!
  • Meet and Network with SCM professionals at Special Events!


  • I understand participation in the SCM Scholars of Distinction Program is for the Fall 2017 semester only.
  • I understand and will meet the requirements and deadlines outlined for my classification. Should I have a scheduling conflict for a career and professional development session, it is my responsibility to schedule a makeup session.
  • I understand 1:1 appointments/signups with the career staff must be made at least 24 hrs. in advance and cancelled 24 hrs. ahead of time, except under limited circumstances.
  • I understand non-participation could disqualify me from the Fall 2017 program and receiving future invitations to apply.

5. What do the Career & Professional Development sessions cover and how many are required?
Scholars will participate in 4 sessions (1:1 or in a group) designed to strengthen and refine career goals, sharpen interview skills, presentation skills and enhance professional acumen.

6. When do qualified students receive their Invitation to Apply?’
Invitations are sent the second day of classes each semester (Fall 2017 – August 24thSpring 2018 - January 11th)

: Students receive preliminary emails before the second day of classes notifying them their invitation is forthcoming!

On behalf of the MSCM Department, thank you for your interest in the SCM Scholars of Distinction Program. Questions can be directed to: Dianne Marshall at:

Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management ~ 310 Stokely Management Center ~ Knoxville, TN ~ 37996-0530
Phone: 865-974-5311 ~ Fax: 865-974-1932 ~ Email:


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